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If you're looking for ways to improve the indoor air quality of your home or business, then our air duct cleaning experts have some great tips for you. We can help you take good care of your ductwork system.

Prevent moisture from getting insides your air ducts

Air Ducts should be dry and free of moisture. When moisture is present, the air ducts, their insulation and the accumulated debris made of dust and other materials, become very receptive to mold growth. To prevent moisture from invading your air ducts, make periodic checks on the integrity of the ductwork system and the insulation wrapped around it. If you find any holes, contact our experts right away.

Every dryer vent should have a backdraft damper and a cover

The damper is ideally set up at the end of the duct, but indoors rather than outdoors. Its purpose is to prevent cold drafts from getting inside and affecting the normal work of the exhaust system. The cover is set outside. It prevents debris and pests from getting into your dryer. Mesh filter covers are more reliable compared to the traditional flap ones.

Have your air ducts cleaned after major repair, renovation or remodeling work gets done

When these types of works are finished, dust and dirt can be literally everywhere, including your air ducts. According to our professionals, making sure to have your ductwork professionally cleaned after any remodeling or renovation is extremely important since a large amount of the particles released during the work can accumulate inside your ventilation system and will circulate throughout your home or business.

Watch out for signs that the HVAC air ducts need cleaning.

It’s easy to notice that something’s wrong, given that you use your HVAC system daily. If you have to turn the thermostat up frequently to stay warm and your energy bill is increasing, then the air ducts may not be working efficiently. Another common sign is having more dust and pollen in the rooms of the house even though you vacuum the floors and clean all other surfaces regularly.


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